Monday, February 1, 2010

The Future is Now

After reading Anton Krupicka's log today and reading his January recap of training, I thought I would do the same, since I am very, very happy with my month! I am in no way comparing my self to Anton, he is a total beast (check his blog out, read "What I Read" to the right).

Here are the numbers:

430 miles
51 hr 45 min
7 2hr+ runs
0 days off

By the numbers, it is my best month of my life. Even last fall, when I was peaked out, I did not reach these numbers in any month. Right now, I am still raising the mileage. I started the month doing 85 miles a week and last week I finished with 106. With that said, I expect February to reach a higher number then January, even with 3 fewer days. January only consisted of two races, the 25k Frozen Sasquatch and an indoor 5k at Cedarville. I won both of these races and PR'd in the 5k, so all is well. It is nice to know that I still have a little leg speed even with the increase in mileage.

February will be similar in racing. This upcoming Saturday I will be running the 15 Mile Louisville Lovin' the Hills race. This will be an awesome experience as I will be spending it with two awesome people, Reece Brown and Keegan Rathkamp. Keegan will be running the 50k. Also, I will be running another indoor 5k at Kent St. This is a fast track and I would be happy with another fast time.

It is pretty cool to see the transformation of my training. Not only my training, but my body. I am at a high level right now and will be keeping it this way for a long time. My body is stronger than ever and as smooth as ever. My form is also taking shape in a different way. My knees are getting farther up and my stride is no longer over-extending. I usually land in the middle of my foot and below my body. This is something Reece and I have focused on a lot this month. We think this is the key to injury free running, and so far it is working. That, along with different losseners, stretches, and ChiRunning philosophies will keep the body in good health. A lot of good cooking is also key! The beginning training to a lifelong career of longer trail races is taking place right now. I need to savor the moments now, because three years from now, I can only look back at the great experiences that I am having now.

February started off in good manner today. The rest of the week is going to be great in preparation for Lovin' the Hills.

I am Running Free!


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