Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday Trail Tradition

I haven't posted on here since last Wednesday, so it has been a week now. Since then, I have traveled home and began my Christmas break. Not much has went on and I am enjoying the ease of living, without homework to do and work to be at. I have slept a lot, ran a good bit, and visited family and friends. This is my type of living, although I do think a person needs activity and work to consume the day. It is just nice to have a month break. My life has been busy since the start of August and this is the first break I have had!

Running has benefited the most from all of this. I never got the running schedule Eric handed out, but I didn't want it anyway. I like to just be "free" and run whatever I feel like, especially during a break like this. Everyday during this break, I have went out planning on doing a certain amount of miles and have ended up doing more than planned. I guess that is better than doing less, right? I have also limited running on concrete. I do not think I have ran more than 50 steps on a hard surface for two weeks! And my legs are loving it! Without hard surfaces and hard workouts, my legs feel great, even with a large jump in mileage. Plus, I am able to run my training runs a little quicker, and I have enjoyed running faster than normal on trails.

That's what I have been doing. Today and yesterday, I drove to Athens and ran at Strouds Run. This park has the nicest trails close to my home. Yesterday I found a new trail that was all single track. It was very well kept and the footing was great. I also saw a lot of bike tracks on it, it is good t see it getting some use. I hope this trail doesn't get too overgrown over the summer. Since I plan on getting an internship in Athens, most of my running will be here, and I hope the trails are nice with the growth season as it is right now. Today I ran on a familiar trail there. I like this one a lot. It winds in and out of rocks, evergreen tree's, and in and out of little gulley's with a lot of switchback and soft needle packed single track trails! It was great today because I ran hard and felt good. At the end of my run I found a new trail and started up it. I decided to turn around since it was getting dark. I will investigate this trail next time I am at Strouds Run, which will be tomorrow more than likely!

That is about it for now. I have ran 10 miles everyday this week and am feeling great! I didn't feel like going from 30 to 35 and so on like the running books say. The best part about my summer and fall base mileage is that it will be with me for the rest of my life! I learned the ropes of 100 mile weeks and now my legs know the feeling of running that type of mileage and won't be surprised when I jump up in mileage!

I am truly Running Free!


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