Thursday, December 17, 2009

Strouds Run Secret View

I took this picture today while running. I didn't originally have my camera with me, but returned to my car to grab it. This view was only a 10 minute run to where I parked my car. This is the result of finding and exploring a new trail today at Strouds run. I saw the trail yesterday and returned today to run it. This was the best thing about it! Right below this, about 50 feet, is where this trail leads to. It connects to another trail, one that I have ran a lot in the past year. From that trail, I could not even notice the view because of all the tree's and the trail that leads to it was unmarked and unnoticeable with all the leaves! The rest of the trails that I explored today were short and just connected to trails that I had already ran in the past. The day was great and I was able to sit and chill with a beautiful view!


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  1. I lived in strouds run as a kid in 2000. That trail used to be kept up back then. It is the old vista point trail. I went back in 2012 and they abandoned it but that spot is one of the best in the area I am glad you got to find it.