Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time to Run Free

Tonight, about 1 hour ago, I finished my last test of the year. I had a take-home final in Civilization and Literature. As soon as I turn the test into my professor tomorrow, my semester is finished. This class was my hardest class of the year in my opinion. After my first few tests and assignments my goal was to just get a C in the class. Usually I would be unsatisfied with a C but in this class that was going to be alright with me. But, as the assignments started being worth more and I started trying harder, my grades quickly improved and now I am thinking a B is a for sure lock in the class. Besides that, I think I will have an A in the rest of my classes! Which is good by me!

My last two days of running have been fantastic. I experience something new in both of the runs. First, Monday: Reece and I drove out to the forest and parked in the parking lot right off of 125. He wanted to the the trail that is off to the left, and I was really excited to get on this thing. This is my favorite trail at the forest and in my opinion, the hardest but most beneficial. I mean, this trail is so tough it put Shane Meyer on the ground and I had never saw him fall! There are uphills, downhills, switchbacks, technical running, creek-bed running, water crossings, and much more. How could any trail be better? As I was saying about the run being a new experience.... as we turned around and headed back, the sun started faded and the trail got dimmer and dimmer every minute. By the time we had ten minutes left, the trail was really dark and we would hardly see our footing. This was great though! I had read about people who turn their headlamps off during a night trail run and let their feet get a feel for the trail. When the light was gone, I felt like that was when my footing was the greatest. I was making a great connection with the trail that would of never happened in the daylight. This run was amazing!

Today was another new experience. I decided to drive out to the forest and run trails again. This time I ran in Vibram Five Finger shoes. I have ran a few runs in these but never on trails. I had a blast doing it! I decided to stay on a nicer trail since I didn't know how these things would feel with rocks, roots, and the works. The only problem I had today was some slick uphills. But, it had been raining like crazy all day and it was really muddy. I don't think trail shoes would of got traction either. Regardless, I like the feeling and will more than likely do more runs with these shoes.

Time to pack up, head home, and get some nice training in over Christmas break. I will be riding my bike and hitting the trails a lot. I can't wait to run a long trail race on January 2nd as I prepare for a new semester. In a week or so, I will know my final grades and I will be posting me new goals for Winter/Spring!

I am truly Running Free!


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