Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This"

Those are the words of Reece Brown today after we finished up our run. This run was so amazing, I had to write this blog just describing it! Here is was my log on Running2Win reads:

Greatest Run in My Life! Wow, this run was amazing. Reece and I went out and parked past Camp Oyo, where Hobey Hollow Bridle Trail intersected.
The trail led us up a muddy and wet path. We crossed several creeks that were gushing with water. After a ways into the run, we started climbing a monster hill and it took forever to get up it! At the top we came to SF road #6 and we turned left. We passed by the Fire Tower and I wanted to see how far the 40 mile loop trail was. We got to it shortly and turned right on that to see if that was the trail we ran Monday. Sure enough, it was.
So, we turned around and crossed road #6 onto the other side of the trail. This pretty much made a huge shortcut to Hobey Hollow as we were there in no time after a huge downhill. We decided to cross Hobey Hollow and head up the hill on the 40 mile trail a little longer. We ran another monster hill up that trail and come to a crossing with Rock Lick Bridle trail where there was a nice camp site.
We turned around and headed back to the car on Hobey Hollow. Everything we ran today was fresh dirt for us. It was awesome not knowing where we were heading and then popping out on a trail we recognized or could envision from the map. We climbed huge hills and made huge descents. We crossed creeks and got really muddy. In the words of Reece Brown, "We are badasses!"
And this was done all within 20 miles of Shawnee State! To have the resources and abundance of trails and forest is just amazing. We really felt like this is the way to run. To slosh around the creek and muddy trail does something that no other type of running does. I think the combination of finishing up school and being able to go back home made this run good. I am thankful to have a great friend like Reece Brown who will go out and run these trails with me. It is better to share such an amazing experience like today with a great friend. We are brothers. Brother Bears.

Now it is time to enjoy a nice cup of tea!


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  1. Hey Mike, you just reminded me of my days when I used to be all shredded and sporty.You just motivated me to get this done now. Thanks man, amazing share