Saturday, December 19, 2009

Green Goop Scoop

This weekend, I traveled to Portsmouth to chill with some cool people and eat a lot of good food. Friday, I got to Portsmouth and ran 8 miles with a couple of recruits from Circleville, Brad Liston and Brad Kline. I hope we get both of them, Liston would help our team right off the bat. That evening we all went to the Italian Restaurant on Gallia St. I had Shrimp Alfredo, it was very good!

Then, this morning, we woke up to run again. I stayed at Blakes house, as did Eric Holbrock. We had fresh bread from Kroger with honey drizzled on it, washed down with free Sunny D. That is always a good pre-run meal to get some energy, plus it is delicious! The run went well, it was in the snow mostly; last night it snowed quite a bit. So, we were all cold and wet when we got back to the apartment. Luckily, Blake quickly had Vanilla Lattes ready for us. Nothing like a little get-up after a cold run. After that, all of the guys in town were invited over to Eric and Krista's house for brunch. She had fresh baked Blueberry Muffins for us and they were fantastic. She also made French Toast, one of my favorite breakfast foods ever! Krista is a great cook and I have been blessed to have had so many meals from her. One advantage of being a Bear. After a bit, Blake Wysocki decided to fix up a meal. It was a good one. He boiled Asparagus and Broccoli in chicken broth with garlic cloves and red onions, then poured that over some pasta. This was a good late lunch, especially since the meal totaled no more than $3 and could feed 4 people easily! The meal was dubbed Green Goop by the chef himself, and rightly so. A nice melting taste of vegetables and garlic is matched by no other.

This has been my past two days! Hopefully mom will make a nice home cooked meal tomorrow after church! That would end the weekend perfectly!

Now, I am off to enjoy some fresh baked Cinnamon Rolls!


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  1. I also love to run along tracks and enjoy the fresh beauty of morning. I admire your passion towards running and your posts on the topic. Enjoy the rolls and be sure to bring more posts soon.