Thursday, November 12, 2009

Living in Peace

This week has been awesome. My legs are feeling fresh and ready now that I am peaking and dropping my miles. Tuesday the entire team had a great workout out at the course. We did 3 x 2k's with someone surging in the middle of it. This gave us some response practice in the middle of already running fast. When people go by me at Nationals I need to go with them!

Yesterday was also a good day. Reece, Shane, Corey, and myself drove out to the Forest and ran on some trails that were new to us. Since it was Veterans day, there was no school and Reece for the first time all year, was able to celebrate Wednesday trail tradition with us! We drove out Carey's Run and went to State Forest road #1 and parked by on of the trail heads. I forget the name of the trail but it has black blazes. This trail started out rocky but once we were a mile into it, we climbed a big hill and the footing became smooth and comfortable. After two miles we crossed road #1 and it became the Pigeon Roost Bridle Trail. This trail is marked with "Easter egg" purple, as Shane described it. The Pigeon Roost trail was sweet, wide enough for two people and the footing was great. It was also fairly flat. When we got back, I added on a little on the Connector Trail which is marked with "Easter egg" blue. I liked this trail, that part that I ran, because it was more single track and seemed to be in very good shape.

On the way home we stopped at Buckeye Dairy Bar and Reece invited us out to his house for dinner and to stay the night if we wanted. So, Shane and I accepted. This is the second time we went out there. Sunday, after our run at Hangover Shane and I also went out there for chicken, beans, and hot tea. This time we had hamburgers, brats, beans, and hot tea. I also made pumpkin pie and we enjoyed a piece with silk milk before we headed to bed. It was a very nice meal and Reece got his wood burner up and burning for the first time this year. I slept beside it on the pull out coach and slept like a rock. This morning we woke up at 6:30 to eat breakfast and do some yoga. Yoga is always a nice way to get the day started!

Being out at Reece's is a lot better than being in town. I would rather stay out there every day and night than here in town. It is quieter, cleaner, and a lot more peaceful and efficient. I like to be able to pee off the back porch! Tree's and grass is a lot better than concrete and buildings.

So, I am relaxing and getting a lot of school work done at the same time. There are only 9 days before Nationals now and my legs are feeling awesome. I can't wait for the trip to Washington, it will be amazing!


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