Thursday, October 8, 2009

#6- On The High Road

I still do not think we have realized how well we ran last Friday. Our attitudes have not changed, which is a good thing. I think two years ago if we would have finished 3rd at All-Ohio, our season would have been over because our heads would of blown up and we wouldn't be able to finish the season! This year, we are calm and collective in defeat and in victory. The time to celebrate is after Nationals, on Nov. 21st.

This week has been a fairly easy week. The workout on Tuesday was really intense, but the other runs have been relaxed and calm. We did 4 sets of 1200's and 800's. We ran good times at the course and am sure this really helped. Yesterday, Shane, Corey, and I went out to the Forest for some soft running on the trails. This was a very good run, and was able to enjoy a nice cup of Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream! When we got back to the school we found out we were ranked 6th in the Nation in NAIA. This is the highest ranking we have ever been. Now, we have to prove our rank the rest of the year. We are on top, no coming from behind this year.

I am looking forward to running at Terre Haute this Saturday. It will be our first overnight trip of the year. Overnight trips are always fun, hanging out with the team, relaxing, having a good time. The course is suppose to be fast so I am going to get out and run at the top of the race and see what will happen. Something good.

I talked with my parents a couple nights ago. Sounds like they are making plans to had out to Washington to watch us run Nationals. That would be great if they can make it. The more support we have, the better we can be. Too bad Nationals is so far away this year, but the trip will be a great experience.

This is all I have to say today.

Here are some more pictures I have gathered from people and places from All-Ohio:

(OSU leading us from the gun, Shane and I are tucked in back there)

(Right after the mile 1 mark, in good position)

(Corey and I leading the charge up a hill during mile 4)

(The finish: we didn't catch the Cincy guy but almost!)

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