Sunday, August 16, 2009

Winner(s) Winner(s) Chicken Dinner(s). . .

Friday we had our Alumni 5k and honestly, there could have been about 5 or 6 guys that could have won that race. I came out with the victory but I had 5 other guys that also broke 16 minutes. This year was the best turnout, not just with the number of participants, nearly 200, but with the quality of low times. There were 7 guys under 16 minutes, plus three more under 16:10. That is phenomenal for a 5k race. It is also important to note that the top fifteen were SSU runners, and Blake Jones, who is a coach. That aspect is awesome as well. Even though I took the first place spot, there were many other guys that on any given day could have won.

The race started out with Blake and Shane taking the lead. It is awesome that Shane is taking that kind of initiative this year. Corey and I were right behind them and the rest of the team was cruising in a huge pack behind us. At the mile, we were right at 4:58. Corey got up with Shane and Blake and those three looked to run side by side for the nest 2 miles. I was still about 5 meters back. I wanted to get up with them and pull my weight, I don't like to be a "moocher" and sit on people. It was not my objective in this race, I just could not get up there. The pace was quick. My second mile was 5:06, so just about even. They were still about 10 meters up on me at this point, but I kept telling myself that I could reel them in. Through the starting field I could tell I was gradually gaining on them and I quickly caught them on the downhill after the field. My long legs came in handy there. I waited a few seconds and put a strong surge to pass Shane and Blake, Corey had a little lead at this point. So, with 800 left, I was in second with Corey a few steps ahead. I got side by side with Corey and started putting little surges in but he kept matching them. I absolutely could not break him. Finally though, I got a gap down the last hill before the finish and charged up the hill to finish first. Me and Corey really pushed each other and battled the last 800 meters of the race.

Corey ended up finishing 3 seconds back from me at 15:42. Shane was close behind at 15:46, Blake was 15:50, Link was 15:53, and Galen and Chuck were somewhere around 15:55. During the race, I did not realize there were that many people within 20 seconds of me. I was too wrapped up into catching the lead pack and then too wrapped up with racing Corey in the last part. Any little mistake during the last part of the race could have resulted in getting passed by 5 guys. That is how good our team in right now. Plus, we had Hornick PR at 16:06 and Hickey and Joe were right at 16:10. So, I am really happy with my time and result, but I cannot dwell on this. I have to look forward to the real season and Remember November.

The of the weekend was pretty laid back. Saturday morning I just did 8 miles, served as a great recovery. That was the only run that day. Today, Sunday, we went out to Hangover as a team to get a long run in. The freshmen did an hour out there, everyone else did the 11.5 mile loop, CC did 15, and I did 18. Me and Corey ran most of the last miles together. He is easy to run with, never pushing the pace and really understands what a long run serves for. We shared a PowerGel at about mile 12. I didn't want a whole on since it was so hot out. It went down nice and I am glad I packed it in my shorts. The last three miles by myself were hot and I was running pretty slow. But, the main thing is that I got a long run of 2 hours and 10 minutes in. It is my first run over 2 hours since last cross season. These types of runs benefit my fitness so much.

Corey, Lisa, and I stopped at the Buckeye Dairy Bar on the way home and I slurped down two Slushies. They were so good and I needed the sugar back in me. Me and Corey lost a lot of nutrients and water on our run. I feel nice and recovered now, only about three hours after the finish of my run. My weekly mileage totaled 92, the most ever for me and I am feeling the benefits of running that amount of miles.

We have two more days left before school starts. Running has been easy up to this point, now it is time to juggle schoolwork, work, and running. I am really determined and I am really looking forward to getting the season started!

That My Life, Michael Owen Running Free!

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