Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Shadow Follows Me....... Far Behind

Last post, I talked about our teams Alumni 5k. It was a very successful race. But for me, I have to leave the joy of winning in the past. I think sometimes people reflect on the past a little too long. We can't live in a life where our memories outweigh our dreams. That would mean we are living in our past, and right now, there is nothing more important to me than my future. With that said though, I am taking one day at a time, articulating a plan for each of those days to get the future, which for me is one goal that will take place on November 21st.
Since the race, running has still been great. I recovered well over the weekend, even with an 18 miler out at Hangover. I really believe the sleep pattern I have right now and the amount of times I have spent in the ice bath have speeded my recover to amounts I cannot even describe. It is always the small things that make a difference.
Wednesday I woke up and ran an easy 6 miler in the morning. Later, we had our first interval workout of the year. We did 3 x 2 miles with 4 minute rest and a minute jog in the rest. I figured going in, that this type of workout played into my hands better than any other workout we do throughout the course of the year. Plus, it is on our grass course, where I love to get the legs spinning.
The first 2 mile, Linkous, Corey, and I led through the mile, at 5:03. I was surprised at that because I did not think we were going that fast. I ended up coming through at 10:17. The general trend for everyone is that the second mile was slower than the first one. That is not uncommon with this team, we run hard, at all times. The second 2 mile, I was a few seconds back from the front group at the mile, at 5:13. I then tried to push it harder on the second mile to bring our guys through and finished it at 10:29. So, 5:16 was my second mile, closer to an even split. The last 2 mile I took the lead from the start. I had 8 seconds on the group at the mile, 5:08. The second part of the interval was much slow, as I came through at 10:40.
Even though all my intervals got slower, I was very happy with the workout. The weather was very hot, 90 degrees. What I liked about the workout was the way I ran each interval. The first one I was with the front group at the mile, second one I was a few seconds back, and third one I was in the lead. So, a different style of running one each, all getting the same finish in front of the group. This workout made me feel even more confident about my level of fitness.
Today was our recovery run. Shane, Dirk, and I drove out to the forest to get a light run on trails in. It is always my favorite thing to do midweek: get out of Portsmouth and the concrete runs, and get a soft footed trail run in! The run went good. We probably picked the worse trail possible for today. We parked at the pond on Pond Lick Road and headed out to the trail on the left. It was very grown over and briars were very thick in some areas. My legs are very itchy now and scraped up. The good parts were the up and down hills. They were nice and clear. But, the run was very good. Dirk fell on his first run at the forest. Everyone falls at least once out there. Milkshakes were a great reward afterwards!
Now that school has started I really have to focus on my running. I actually have been planning my day out the night before in order to plan out time to run in the morning, get ice baths, lift, and all of that stuff. I am finally trained to go to bed before 11 every night. Well, it has only been 3 straight nights, but I think I will continue doing so because I feel so good in the morning! I have a couple classes that will be boring but my two Sports Management classes are going to be fun. School is always school for me no matter how hard I try to enjoy it. I like to read, but when it comes to reading about the Rise of Gilgamesh, I could care less.
So, now that I am on a routine schedule, my days are pretty much a constant flow. I already have time periods set out for the things that are going to help my running. I am VERY determined right now. I really am.

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