Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Two Times. . Two Times. . A Tuesday. . .

That's right! Two posts in one day by Michael Owen, that's me! This means something special right? Well, not so special, but I have had a rather exciting evening. After class, I decided to head out to the forest to run some trails or something. I turned onto Pond Lick Road and headed past my usual parking spot and parked at a scenic outlook place and took off. I knew that the back end of the Hangover trail was more than likely less than a mile up the road so I started off that way on the gravel service road. I was right and I soon came to the intersection. Since last time running in this location from hangover, there had been some dramatic logging off to the right. In fact, there are still logging trucks and equipment out there so they are in the process of doing that. So I turned down some dusty dirt logging roads and ran along the hill side of Hangover land. I actually found parts to the 40 mile loop trail that I ran on. I ran until I got to a place I had ran to last fall on one of my 18 milers. Pretty neat that I connected the loop.

Then, I turned around and tan the other way on the trail. It was sort of said because I entered a part of the forest that was a part of the fire. Everything was burnt and black. I was surprised at how quickly some of the greenery grew back. I think in a few years this part will be very lush. I found this sign on a fallen burnt tree. I figured since the tree was dead I would take it. .

At one point on one of the logging roads I came to a clearing at one of the highest points I could see. I stopped and stood on top of a trunk and it was an amazing feeling. I could see everything since there were no trees. I even could see my car across the valley on the ridge next to the ridge I was on. And this was 5 miles into my run! It was so surreal, I was alone, just me and the wild turkeys.

So, this run was one of my bests runs of the summer. I totally blocked my knee out of my head and told myself to run like I would if I never would of hurt it. I did,and nothing hurt. It took the pounding of jarring down steep hills and it took the force of powering up steep inclines. There were technical parts and my knee was better than ever! I am excited for sure. Ice massaging and the stuff I have been doing has paid off.

So, I count today as the second half of my summer training. I think the past week has allowed me to re-examine why I am training so hard and the purpose for all the miles. Even though I was able to run through the injury, for some reason got down about training. I only lost 3 miles last week for Pete's sake! Why was I worried. So, I think things happen for a reason and God just wanted to put things in perspective for me; that I am allowed to take a few miles off in order to get healthy.I will now prepare my self for the goal, Remembering November.

All that made today a fantastic day. I thought a lot on my run and got my direction pointed the right way for the rest of this summer. Running is truly amazing and I need to remember the reason why I am running. I'm not just out there to do it!

That's me, Running Free. . . Again!

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