Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Positive Vibrations AyYa!

Good news! My last two runs have been pretty much pain free! And I am so excited. Sunday evening me and Blake went out to Reece's. Reece wasn't at the house yet so we decided to just go ahead and run. I was unsure about how my knee would feel, I was hopeful since I had iced and iced massaged a lot the entire day. So, we started and I didn't feel pain, and late in my run, I still didn't feel pain and it was an amazing run! It is awesome to run out there. We decided not to run on trails since I didn't want to run down any steep hills. So, we just ran on the back roads of the Crabtree area. The gravel roads reminded me so much of running in Meigs County with all my high school friends. Memories with Fogle, Chris, and A-Mart will last forever! Me and Blake made some pretty awesome memories on this run as well. This one house had, seriously, 13 dogs that came after us. There were German Shepards and Golden Retrievers, pretty big dogs. They didn't see us until late but we still had to pick up the pace for a minute or so to make sure they did't get us. We would have been devoured!
Later on the run, a little scraggly haired dog ran with us for about 2 miles. It was awesome; like the dog that impressed everyone at Woodland Alters last fall. We names her German. Than later on the run we met Mr. "Floppy Ears" Beagle and this dog was pretty cool. We stopped and petted him. There was also a Black Lab pup that was out in the yard playing with two younger kids that was very happy and excited to see us. His name was Max.
Those are the reasons why it is so awesome to run away from town. You can't see those things in town. And every person that we saw in the yards waved and smiled and were actually happy to see someone. In town, everyone hates you!
So, we completed our 13 miles, Blakes longest run of the summer, then enjoyed an awesome cookout at Reece's with cornhole and song. Great way to spend a night!

Monday, I got some nice sleep. I was suppose to run with Blake early but he didn't answer his phone because he slept until 12:30! I should have ran without him but I waited. We ran at 2:30. My knee felt great again, I did 12. I am still icing and wrapping a lot to get this thing 100%; give it a few more days and it will be back to normal I think. Later, I went to work and got caught up on some school work. That is one of the major pluses to working in a library!

Today, I work till 5. I have class at 6pm so I am going to have to run at night. Well, class could get out at like 6:20, sometimes we just go in to go in. If we do get out that early, I am going to go out to the trails. Give my knee a test out there since I am only doing 10 today.

Captain Oveur: Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
Tower voice: Tower's radio clearance, over!
Captain Oveur: That's Clarence Oveur. Over.
Tower voice: Over.

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