Thursday, July 2, 2009

One More Minute, Twelve More Cents. . .

Here I sit again, in the calm, quiet, mellow mood of the library, working each minute, trying to earn a dollar. The past few days have been pretty good. Each morning I have awakened to the pounding of Hornick's (ps- where Hornick received his personality and craziness) dads hammer.

Tuesday, my presentation over Starbucks went. . . decent. I left out one of the most important details. But, I felt relaxed and talked plain in front of the class. After class I ended up not running with Blake, he went out to Hangover with Paul, Hornick, and Erock. I ran by myself. I ran over in Kentucky, across the old bridge and down Rt. 52. It gave me a flat surface to run on. After planning on only running 10 miles I lost track of time and ended up running 14 miles. I felt good and was just Running Free I suppose. I was well hydrated and had a full meal 2.5 hours earlier so it made for a great run, and a fast pace.

Wednesday, I once again woke to the pounding of the hammer, but I was fine with that since I had to work at 8. Work was slow and calm like always, and I was able to read up on the current news in sports and the world. After work, Blake said a few of them were meeting at Erics to run, so I grabbed a quick snack and ran to Erics, ran with BJ, Paul, Kammler, and Eric for 8 miles. Me and BJ added on 2 more, so I got 12 in for the day. That was 38 miles in 3 days, I feel incredible.

Thursday, I woke to the hammer again. This time I laid in bed and didn't get up. I just laid there thinking, about anything. I drifted in and out and finally decided to get up and start my day at 9. Blake and Shane were out running and stopped by the house, so I got dressed real quick and ran the last 4 miles with them. I had just eaten a bowl of hamburger helper 30 minutes prior, so my stomach was full during the run. My legs felt heavy for the first time in a long time, but I enjoyed the feeling and I realized no matter how good of shape I will ever be in, I am still human. Dinner was delicious tonight. My signature dish for the summer so far, baked chicken with franks red hot sauce with spaghetti and marinara sauce on top. The sides included garlic bread, a banana, and 2 glasses of chocolate milk with vitamins. Yummy!

So, all in all, my last two days have been pretty basic. Sleep, eat, run. Just how I like it. I sometimes wish I was a bear; their entire life is focused around finding food, sleeping, and mating. What a life. A life of a Shawnee Bear.


  1. Firstly, the background of the picture you have attached is very beautiful. Secondly, congratulation on your fixed car and so many great runs. Best of luck for 80 miles.