Saturday, July 18, 2009

Once I Stood at the Foot of a Great High Mountain

The lyrics that start the song of a Jack White movie soundtrack: Great High Mountain. I've always like Jack White in the White Stripes and now the Dead Weather. And when I heard this song it reminded me of an old Southern Baptist Hymn that I would sing in church. It even makes reference to God in it in the second verse. Then, I learned that this song was to the soundtrack of the movie Cold Mountain; which is a good movie. Jack Whites voice sounds much different without a band behind him, I like him better solo.

So, Wednesday evening I stood at the foot of a great high mountain. Hangover! This was my second day in a row out in this area. I have always liked exploring new trails and paths out in the area, but something is special about Hangover. So many memories have been made there. 5 miles of the hardest time trail in the history of time trails. . . My first run there with Roush, BJ, and Paul when Chuck finished 40 minutes behind us. . . 18 milers with Keegan and BJ in the dark making monkey calls. . . Waking up at 5:30 to go run there, then seeing construction people there. All of theses memories are great and have been shared with a lot of people. My next two years will be filled with many more memories in this exact location, starting in the exact little parking area over a mile up a winding, now paved, road. I will cherish every memory I have there!

I did a 15 miler there Wednesday, 10 of them were with Wysocki, Erock, and Paul. The run went by fast Erock, Paul, and I talked the entire time, getting caught up on life and the news of everything. Mark up another memory, because no matter how normal these runs might seem, there is something that makes this place extraordinary compared to running elsewhere. I tacked on 5 miles by myself on a new logging trail up the road and was satisfied with a nice long run.

The past two days, I have ran with Wysocki, and today with BJ as well. Nice 10 milers around town, trying to stay fairly flat. My legs have taken a beating lately, but they have a good feeling to them. This weekend Corey and Shane are coming down to visit and run. We are going out to hangover to do 13 mile Sunday morning so, more memories to come surely. This will be my first week at 80 miles, and I feel great. Probably will get 90 at some point this fall. Once thing I need to do that I haven't did in the past two years, it keep my mileage up once the team gets together. Not doing so leads to fresh and peaked legs in the middle of the season. I am a longer distance guy, so I need to act like one.

Today, me and Wysocki drove to Huntington to go to Jeff's Bike Shop. I had heard great things about this place and thought I would get my bike finished off. Blake also got new tires and tubes for his road bike. I ordered shifters and brake levers and left the shop all my stuff and they are putting it together for me. So, I will be riding my bike by next weekend! I hope. About $200 for everything, but I feel like that is a good investment.

Just been Running Free ;)


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