Sunday, July 12, 2009

On the Mend, Hopefully. . .

My knee is really frustrating me now. Friday I decided to take my first day off in over 2 months and a week. I don't like taking days off because I feel like I am cheating myself. But, I did manage to get an hour in on the bike and about 20 minutes on the elliptical. My knee was still hurting so I thought a day off would be fitting here. But, it didn't really help my knee any. Saturday I woke up, iced and went out for a run. I was really excited because my knee felt awesome and I was running with hardly any pain at all! But, with about 3 miles left it was hurting again. That afternoon I went to Columbus to watch Blake run a mile race and Eric played at B-Dubs after. I ran 6 miles while I was there so I ended up getting 18 miles for the day. My knee was hurting bad though. So, the past two days I have been icing non stop. Literally, I have been sitting on my floor, icing for 12 minutes, elevating for 12 minutes, wrapping, then star icing again after 30 minutes. I have probably did that routine for 15 hours the past two days. Hopefully doing this will get me back in running condition. I might take today off, I am not sure yet. This week I have ran 61 miles, 16 short of last week, but with a solid cross training day in.

Me and Blake W. are going out to Reece's house for a cook out here soon. Blake is running out there but I might opt out of running with him. The swelling goes down a good bit when I am icing but after running some it swells up again.

Can't wait to eat some good food in a bit!


  1. Dude, cheer up. You have a roof over your head and that is more than what many other people in the world can say. Make sure you are massaging the scar tissue out of your knee with that ice (Rubbing the ice on your knee not just setting a bag of ice on your knee to get the swelling down). You want to take the swelling down and break up the scar tissue from the fall. Don't be so anal about your mileage and your days off. (and biking for an hour and doing the eliptical doesn't count as a day off. It counts as a day off from running)Just relax and breathe. Take your mountain bike out to The Forest and do some long rides on those dirt and gravel roads (those hills will make your legs so strong and it will be amazing cross training for your body) You could spend hours out there on your bike if you have the time. Maybe even hop on some single track. Focus on things that don't bring pain and keep working to mend your knee back together. Michael, you are doing awesome and you are in amazing shape. Don't stress so much man you are better than that. Just breathe, smile, and live happily brother.