Monday, July 27, 2009

Java Chip with Some Miles on Top Please

This past weekend, I spent the most days at my real "home" since Spring Break. I left Friday morning and left this morning, Monday. It is always nice going back home, since it is a better atmosphere then Portsmouth and I get to see my family and a few friends. It is also refreshing to run in Meigs county, the place where I learned to love running! That is what I did mostly this weekend, run.

I got home Friday around 1:00 pm, I went into the Shoe Store to get my LunaTrainers and LunaRacers. Amazing shoes! After that I went home and laced em' up. I headed out on Rocksprings and headed towards Meigs HS. I wanted to check out the new cross course they are making. It is pretty neat that there is going to be a designated course in Meigs County for cross country. I didn't know where the course began but the section that I ran was very challenging. At least, it will be for HS runners. The course was very well cut out, mostly in the woods, with a lot of turns and rarely a flat spot. That means slow times and upset kids, but maybe they will learn to like the challenge. I understand that Mike Bartrum has a lot of time and funding in the project. He is one of the nicest guys I know and it is great to see a professional athlete come back to his hometown and try to make an impact like he has.

Saturday I had a real laid back day. I didn't wake up until shortly before 11! I rushed into town with Jon and talked to a lady at the bank about my CD that has matured. . .2 years ago! So, it has been just floating there drawing no interest. So, I got it moved to a new CD and it is not even drawing much interest still! Jon had to bring some old jeans to the fabric shop and buy a a couple box fans for the house. We also stopped at McClures and sat and talked to Dave for a while. Jon has made a stand to shop local as much as he can. It's an idea everyone in Meigs County, or America for that matter, should consider. Shopping local send taxes to local funds instead of big time corporations! Walmart has pretty much taken over this town!

Sunday, I finally got to meet our new pastor! The service was centralized by VBS. It was funny and awesome to watch the kids do their dances and how excited they were. Mom did a great job leading them! The pastor and his family seem great and can lead this church. The attendance was way higher. His sermon was over the "ABC's" and it was a good one, focused on the process to becoming a Christian. Had a cookout after church and then it was time for a daylong nap!

Seems like 80 miles a week totally changes the way your body acts. I am just plain tired a lot of times when I usually am not tired! The past week I did 85 miles, the most I have ever ran in one week and I could tell. My runs feel great and my legs are fit along with the rest of my body, but there is something missing. I know I am in a complete fitness level that my body has never felt before. Now, I just need to treat it like it is. The thing that is missing is adequate sleep, meaning more than 10 hours a night, and some extra energy boosts. I can get that by GU or the route I am taking, FRS energy. I tried this stuff out earlier this year and it seemed to work. So, last week I ordered a big shipment of chews and drink mixes. I think this could be a missing link to recovering and getting the extra stuff in my body. Lance Armstonge uses FRS so why not me? I would like to get some GU packs as well for in the middle of my long runs.

Speaking of long runs, Saturdays 16 mile run was awesome. It was storming pretty hard all evening and I waiting for a break in the storm to get started. For some reason I don't like starting a run in the rain but don't mind it raining in the middle of the run. That's what happened on this run, ran into a few downpours that drenched me and was quite chilling. I was lucky enough to escape the lightening, scary though. I toured the majority of the side roads on the west side of rt. 33. Some nice running over there. Felt great on that run. Sunday I did an easy 8 and somewhat got recovered.

Today, I planned on getting my bike from the shop but when I got there they said it wouldn't be finished until 7, but I couldn't stick around that long because of work. On my way home I stopped at Chesapeake HS and went for my run. Did 12 miles on a made up course. Feeling good to start the week off. And feeling good with my new Nike LunaTrainers! I was overdue for a new pair of shoes since my last pair, a fairly light shoe, had over 500 miles on them and were bare on the bottom.

Looking forward to a big week of mileage and then leveling off until I start peaking near the end of the season. Need to keep my miles up though, can't drop a whole lot like in the past.

So, I basically love my life being Michael Owen! And I love Running Free! For His Glory!

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  1. Hey man look into endurox for recovery needs. That stuff is way better than FRS. I used FRS last summer and it is pretty good but it lacks calories that a runner needs. I know Lance Armstrong is cool and all but they pay him to use that stuff. Personally I think FRS is a waste of money. Dont be scared to drink protein shakes, use endurox, eat endless energy bars, and suck down gu's during runs. This all gives you more of the nutrients you need. If you want to take all this with the FRS you will just be getting more nutrients which is awesome. You are awesome. good stuff.