Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Knee Deep

Well, well. The worse part about running is when you can't do it! Right now, I am having a hard time doing it! My last blog talked about my near fatal crash into a tree. I expected everything to be fine and me to resume running regularly after it. But, the next day, which was yesterday, I had my most painful run of my career. And that is no joke. Every step I would grimace and shots of pain would be sent up to my brain saying, why are you doing this to me! I had planned on doing fifteen miles yesterday, but I only managed to do 10. I bad, painful 10. After further looking, I noticed my knee was way bigger than the other one. Swelling and bruising is not good. I resorted to icing that night, and I thought the swelling would go away and I would be able to do 15 the next day and get back on track with running.

Well, again I underestimated my injury. In the past, I took for granted how good I felt over the summer and just went out and enjoyed a pain free run. Today again, was not a pain free run. I felt just as bad if not worse than yesterday. I did 5 in the morning and couldn't do anymore. So, I went home and iced for the next two hours off and on. I decided to go talk to the trainers and April was very helpful. She said that when there is swelling around an area like the knee with no muscle in between skin and bone, it means that some kind of sac was busted. So, the swelling is a build up of fluid. She said that I can still run (a good thing) but if I decided to I would be in pain (a bad thing). I asked her if there can be any long term injuries from running through it and she said it was not likely so that gave me some needed confidence. She gave me some wrap and said to where it as much as possible even while running so it will reduce swelling. She also said to ice like it was my job so I have did that all day. I am at work now but plan on icing as soon as I get home. So, I got some good news from the trainers and it was much needed. I can also take ibuprofen before running to cut back on the pain. All of that is suppose to make the swelling go away. If it doesn't soon, than the other option would be to drain the liquid. That is something I would like to avoid if at all possible because I hot needles. But, if I need it than bring it on!

Later, I went for another 5 mile run. I felt much better this time and my day wasn't a complete waste. It hurts real bad going downhill though.

I am going to keep confident about all of this and try to enjoy the learning lessons. Lesson learned: take your time over down trees while going fast. Slow down and step over.

Life has been good otherwise. I have enjoyed watching Lance Armstrong do well at the Tour de France. It is live on versus every morning and the telecast is great! Life is still swell through it all.


  1. Hey man take it easy. Remember November. Get that sucker drained too. Face your fear of the needle and make sure you ask questions about possible scar tissue building up around the injury. That stuff can hurt. Make sure you Ice massage too. That will knock any potential scar tissue out of the injury. Keep running free though brother. I am loving it!

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