Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Big Crashes Equals Scrapes and Gashes

This post is just going to be a short writing about my experience I had today. My experience was a first and worst for me. After orientation, which was a successful one, I drove out to the forest to run some trails. I felt good about my run and was powering up the hills and taking it easy on the other parts. After I turned around, I found myself running at a very fast pace on the way back, especially on the downhill’s! So, I saw this tree down over the trail and it looked low enough to jump over. I timed it up and took a powerful leap. But, right before I jumped, my foot caught on another piece of the tree and I nosedived into a 3 foot round log with several little branches, branching out from that. It proved to be my worse fall ever on any type of run. I scraped my entire body and put gashes everywhere! My right knee is the worse; it dripped blood the rest of my run. My right thigh looks like I was drug across a cement pad for a mile. My left arm is scraped and there are several other marks all across my back, left leg, and right arm. It was very scary, but I am lucky I was not hurt worse, or broke any bones. After I fell I laid on my back for a minute checking my body and making sure I was good enough to get up. After walking for a couple minutes I decided to start running again and I finished my run ok. My knee bled the rest of the run.

I guess I should have slowed down and took my time over the tree. I will do that in the future. I also broke my watch on the fall. Hopefully I can super glue it back together. All in all, I feel blessed I was not injured badly because with all the branched sticking out it looked like a recipe for disaster.

In the meantime I am walking with a slight limp and riding my bike with a deviant grimace. How painful!

And, I'll be Running Free on some trails soon enough.