Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've always seen these blogs but never really got into to it. But, after reading Keegans blog it looked like some fun, so it got me thinking I should start one. I am in the process of getting a minor in journalism so this could also be a good way to stay sharp on my writing skills. This blog will mainly consist of stories about running as well as other adventures I might take in the future. I have always logged my runs and I write a paragraph or two about the run everyday, and will continue to do that ( but this will give me the opportunity to write about a wider spectrum of my life. Because, I do more than just run. Lets get started. . .

Life for me right now is pretty chill. It is so chill at times that I get bored, which is not hard to do in Portsmouth. But, I like it. Summer for me is a time for quality training and taking it easy. Besides the 6 hours of online classes I am taking and my 22 hour work week, there is nothing I "have" to do. Except Run. Summer running for me is my favorite time to run; nothing is better than it. Since my schedule is somewhat odd, I rarely get to run with other people. Mondays and Thursdays I work 7-11 at night and it seems like everyone runs at night on those days. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesdays I work 8-10 and 12-5. Those days the guys run in the morning. I never have a problem running by myself though. I get to go out to the forest and run some trails! I wish some other people would like going out to the trails but that's ok. When I do run with people, it is usually with Blake Jones, Blake Wysocki, Paul Webb, and occasionally Erock. It's weird that I live with Justin Hornick and have not run with him this entire summer. And we both run everyday.

Today, I woke up at 7 and got ready for work. I was never a morning person, but this summer I have been working harder to be. It would be nice to run in the morning before work because it is so much more peaceful. It's a work in progress. After I got off at 10, me and Blake Wysocki ran 8 miles. Later today I am going run 8 more with Eric. This will be my first "two a day" since two summers ago! Last year I decided to make all my long runs into singles but I think I might go back to doing one "two a day" and one single long run per week. It's a good way to get some nice mileage without wearing out so much.

The rest of this week I will be going to the Smokey Mountains with my brother on a backcountry camping trip. He is coming down here tonight and we will be heading out early tomorrow morning. I need to pack up still, try to make it as light as possible since we will be hiking a lot all week. This will give me a good chance to run some hills and trails. I can't wait. This is something I have been looking forward to for months! 3 nights in the woods, can't beat that!

I'll be back Sunday with the story and great ones I'm sure. Now it's time to be a Bear in the Smokey's.


  1. Michael that is awesome. Have fun this weekend.

  2. I am extremely jealous of your camping trip.